It’s All About YOU

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(and WHO is that, exactly?)

And now for something completely different.

Rather than hear from me, I’d like to get to know you.

Here’s how to play: Introduce yourself and your business to the rest of the world in a comment below. Include any links to your website and/or social media profiles so we can check you out (Ahem…I mean, learn more about you).

And then…ask me your biggest burning question about marketing. What are you struggling with right now? What pesky tasks are you unable to accomplish? Anything, really. As long as it’s somehow related to marketing. And really, isn’t everything about marketing? (Or food?)

I’m looking for future blog topics. And if I choose your question, you’ll get some great exposure (via the post itself and all the regular promotion I usually do for each post), PLUS (wait for it…) I will buy you a cup of coffee at your favorite local (or national chain) hangout. It’s a win-win-win! (Me-you-our readers!)

Okay, get crackin!

(p.s. – There’s no expiration on this one, folks. Please add your intros and questions anytime. Free coffee should never end.)

  • Karen Vaisman

    Hello, my name is Karen Vaisman – I’m photographic portrait artist from Agoura Hills, CA catering to the discriminating client. Feel free to stop by and see my work at I specialize in the art of retouching and I have a before and after gallery on my site. You can follow me on twitter   @kvaismanphoto:disqus , and on facebook at or  I specialize in families, pets, and corporate and facebook headshot.  A marketing topic? How to find qualified clients in this marketplace. Are people more interested in digital images for facebook or are there more people who would like a finely crafted wall portrait?  Nice to meet you all!  I can be reached at  818 991-7787  Agoura Hills, CA

    • Tea Silvestre

      Beautiful work, Karen! I especially loved the before/after images. And good question, too!

      • Caroline

        HI my name is caroline – – and I talk about all things food/ nutrition and specialise in weight loss through change behaviour techniques! 

        I found you on Businmess Women Unite and  that is what we are doing – love it!

        • Tea Silvestre

          Thanks for stopping by, Caroline! Enjoyed reading your last post (and am definitely looking forward to the “Silly Season.”

    • Tea Silvestre

      Here’s the post to answer your question, Karen: Happy to clarify anything or go into more specifics, if you want. (Happy Friday!)

  • Caroline Nash

    My name is Caroline Nash running a home
    based business in the UK called Carolee Crafts designing and making
    gifts and cards. Busy working on Halloween and Christmas at present with
    not enough hours in the day, lol. Website: . My question how to market myself at events. I am very shy and fine on a keyboard but face to face I freeze, small talk and I do not mix and end up feeling like a fish out of water, stuttering and stammering over trying to find something to say other than the weather, an English hangup.

    • Tea Silvestre

      Nice website, Caroline. My favorites were the Fairy Wishes and the iPad covers. ;-) And great question, too! It’s one that I hear from a lot of folks here in the U.S., too.

    • Tea Silvestre

      Thanks again for bringing up the question of how to handle in-person networking events. I wrote today’s post just for you:

  • Annie Sisk

    Awesome idea, Tea. As you know (but heck, I’ll play too) I am a business coach & web marketing consultant for solo entrepreneurs & artists – website at I am currently toying around with refining social media strategies and practices to balance the personal commitment necessary for engaged social media with the time it takes to do so. It’s a struggle I think we’re all too familiar with, and I’m seeing more folks just give up on the whole concept altogether, which is sad — I think there’s a way to refine the strategies & use better tools and STILL honor the “social” part … but I’m not there yet! I have ideas, but they haven’t gelled into a cohesive, more refined system yet. Great idea, Tea! Can’t wait to read others’ input on this. Will definitely share this link via @pjproductivity:twitter !

    • Tea Silvestre

      Annie – always love to hear from the Queen of Fuzzy Slippers. You always make me think! Thanks for such a great question.

  • Clare Price

    Great idea. I just updated my Website, to make it easier to connect with my clients and solve their content creation and social media marketing needs. And I totally agree with Annie below about the need for balance eseically for SBOs whose plates are full. 

    • Tea Silvestre

      Great new layout, Clare. Glad to link to it here. ;-)

    • Anonymous

      Love your new site Clare…VERY nice. I just love you header/logo such great colors…Definitely going to link it as well!

  • Anonymous

    Tea, You are amazing and such a creative spirit.  Do you sleep? I’d really love to hear how you are managing ALL that you do! I am always updating my site and I finally have it where “I” actually like looking at it would love any suggestions. I am online management support for solo-preneurs.  I too have issues of shyness at networking events but I am going to do something different and start attending more so I too would love to see a blog post about overcoming the shyness.  Being involved with you is definitely challenging me to achieve the next level and I am very grateful for that. I would love your thoughts on the 1st place people should start marketing “after” they have identified their target market..more what should they do to engage with that market. Hope that makes sense.

    • Tea Silvestre

      LOL – yes, most nights I get a good 7 hours. Thanks for the compliments, my dear. And for the question. Will definitely address it!

    • Tea Silvestre

      Okay, Michelle! Today’s post addresses your question about overcoming shyness at in-person networking events:

  • Michelle Baker

    Hello Tea and all your fabulous friends! So good to meet everyone, (and a special s/o to Michelle Church.) So if you’re really well educated, and great at what you do, and HOW you do WHAT you do is by writing, but you’ve never received a formal writing education – I’m your girl! Corporate Writing Pro ( offers digital training that’s personal and friendly and – most importantly – that works. You can get personalized coaching or take a class with your peers or bring me into your organization and gain clarity, insight, and focus. So “like” me on Facebook –, follow me on Twitter @Corpwritingpro, and connect on LinkedIn: Because communication is key! And I’d like to know how to use video to market my products and services more effectively.

    • Tea Silvestre

      Thanks for playing, Michelle. And great question. Video is SO important these days. (Especially since Google owns YouTube.) Will definitely add this one to the list!

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  • Anonymous

    Hi Tea, great idea.  Suggestions( to get the word out on my Peak Performance Profit Coaching Services. I’m offering a free initial consult, and that converts really well.  It is getting targeted traffic and initial meetings.  

    PS Fascinating to read everyone elses and your tips!

    • Tea Silvestre

      Yes, the free initial consult usually converts well (IF you’re a good listener and can help your prospect understand how you can help them get what they need). But getting to the consult is the thing — especially when what you’re selling may not be top of mind for most folks. Good question! Will definitely address it.

  • LaTersa Blakely

    Tea, it never cease to amaze me of how awesome you are and how you have a wealth of great knowledge.  I must give you some props because since i’ve been  a member of the test kitchen, I have become more clearer on my targeted audience and just learned so much about how to properly run a business.  Kudos to you!!!!!!!!!!!!! My business is Baby Diaper Cakes & Beyond by LaTersa which is a brand under LaTersa Blakely Enterprises, Inc where I specialize in unique baby shower gifts for women who are looking for a perfect gift that will ultimately leave a lasting impression on the new moms.  My struggle right now is making sure my content on my website is speaking directly to my audience. i have been making some changes, but i’m having a hard time re-writing all of my content.  Also, i’m looking more into taking my online marketing techniques into my community so that people will get to see a face behind my business. I have to make time to attend more networking events.  I would love to see some new post on this subject matter for those of us who have a pretty good online presence to offline.

    • Tea Silvestre

      Okay, LaTersa! Today’s post addresses the issue about in-person networking:

  • LaTersa Blakely

    Clare, I just love your website, it got my attention right away.  Kudos.

  • Abe Crystal

    Abe here… I’m a co-founder of ruzuku []. Ruzuku makes it easy for passionate experts (such as authors, speakers, coaches, and consultants) to create their own online courses and learning communities.

    A marketing challenge I’ve been struggling with is how to build awareness of ruzuku. While our current customers love the product and we’ve grown through word-of-mouth, we feel somewhat ‘stuck’: inbound traffic to our site is low, we don’t get a lot of mentions on blogs and social media, and we don’t have much budget for advertising. How can we build awareness of what we have to offer, and interest more passionate experts in our platform?

    • Tea Silvestre

      Abe, that’s an excellent question — one that I promise to address in a future blog post.

      Until then, I did make a quick visit to your site and it looks like you’ve got a solid product offering. One of the things I would ask is whether or not you’re prominently participating in any sort of online forums, groups, etc specifically for your target market?

      • Abe Crystal

        Good question – we’ve just started doing this. I’ve recently been participating in TeachNow (, which has been rewarding. It’s a serious time commitment, though!

        • Tea Silvestre

          Yes, it will be. Some more than others. You may need to get other team members involved.

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  • Tea Silvestre

    Yowlza! You certainly ARE a bundle of energy, Chef Rachelle! Thanks for stopping by and strutting your stuff. I look forward to learning more about you…and will definitely address the challenge of how to put multiple things together into one cohesive brand. (Hey, did you see my upcoming webinar on How to Find Your Secret Sauce: ?) Come back again, soon!

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