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Cathy Miller of Simply Stated Business

Cathy found me via a list that one of my Word Carnival colleagues had put together (thanks Sharon Hurley Hall!) and we connected on Twitter. She’s a business writer who specializes in white papers, case studies, and the health care industry. Over the last few months, Cathy’s been giving me way more than my fair share of Follow Friday love (#FF for you Twitter newbies). What can I say? Word Chef readers are some of the most generous folks on the planet! That’s why we created the Wordie Hall of Fame! Let’s get to know Cathy better, shall we?

WC: How long have you been in business?

CM: I’ve been writing professionally for over 30 years, but started my own business writing company in 2008.

WC: What inspired you to start your business?

CM: Primarily, it was a quality of life issue. I had a very successful corporate career, but I wanted better balance and more control of my business and personal life. I always loved to write and wanted to share that passion.

WC: Where does your biz name come from?

CM: My tagline is: Keep it simple, clear & uniquely yours. I like to help businesses create their unique message and deliver it simply and clearly. I spent over 30 years in the healthcare and insurance industry so, believe me, I had lots of experience at making the complex simple.

WC: Tell us about the most fun you’ve ever had with a client.

CM: A former client of mine moved to a new company and a new industry – new to her and me. We always worked well together, so she called me. I love that I moved outside my comfort zone and am learning something totally new. It’s been a blast.

WC: What’s your #1 goal for this year?

Word Chef Hall of Fame Inductee BadgeCM: To deliver helpful business writing tools for small businesses that do not have the resources for producing professional business documents.

WC: Describe your ideal client for us.

CM: One who is passionate about what they do and appreciates the value of a simple and clear messageMost of my clients are in the healthcare industry (healthcare companies/brokers, etc.), although I have others. They generally have about 200-300 employees.

WC: Anything else we should know?

CM: I’ve been participating in the 3-Day, 60 Mile Walk for the Cure since 2003 and am always happy to connect with fellow 3-Day participants.

WC: Where can we find you online?

CM: I’ve got two sites: and a health care blog, I’m also on Twitter: @millercathy


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