Solopreneurs and Online Marketing: How Do You Compare to Your Peers?

Solopreneurs and Online Marketing: How Do You Compare to Your Peers?

Do you make your money independently? As a solo professional, freelancer or “solopreneur?”

If the answer is yes, please read on…

Wearing all the hats AND looking good while you do it isn’t as easy most people think. Your marketing hat might be one of those. Or, it might not! Either way, we’d like to know.

If you’ve ever wondered how your marketing efforts compare to those of your peers, or how other solo folks market themselves (and what works for them), then here’s your chance to get answers!


Word Chef is hosting a survey about solopreneurs and their marketing efforts. We hope you’ll help the community of small, indie biz folks by completing the survey below, which shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes (usually 5 minutes, or less).

In return, you’ll receive a report (in mid-July) that summarizes the key findings of the survey, and we’ll enter you in a raffle with a chance to win one of the following prizes:

It’s challenging to wear all the hats and look good doing it.

By participating in the survey, you’ll help all of us better understand the issues surrounding marketing as a solo business owner — and how we can better help each other.

And please rest easy that your individual responses are completely confidential, and will only be used in aggregate with those of other survey respondents. Neither your name nor your company’s name will be associated with your answers or given to any other company.

Thank you!

p.s. – If you enter the raffle, your email will be only be used to notify you of the winners AND to share the results of this survey. We will not SPAM you. (Pinky swear!)

Many thanks to our Sponsor/Partners for helping to spread the word about this survey:

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  • SandyMc

    Great survey Tea, great idea too, look forward to the results.

    • Tea Silvestre, aka Word Chef

       Thanks, Sandy! Me too ~ it should be helpful to so many!

      • Melissa Ridley Elmes

         OK, I took the survey, but I didn’t want the Amazon gift card so I didn’t leave my email there. Do I leave it here for the Triberr bones?

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  • Annie Sisk

    Happy to share this, Tea – looking forward to seeing what comes out of it! 

    • Tea Silvestre, aka Word Chef

       Thanks, Annie. Having you help means a lot!

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  • Cathy Miller

    Looking forward to the results, Tea. Thanks for coordinating.

    • Tea Silvestre, aka Word Chef

       You’re welcome, Cathy! Thanks for participating~we shall finally have definitive data! Mooah ah ah…

  • Jason Sugar

    Thanks for putting this together!

  • Maryshera

    Thanks for the survey.  The questions gave me something to think about.

  • Beth Barany

    Thanks! I actually saw that I’m in a pretty good position, minus the occasional feelings of overwhelm. I am producing the results I want!

    • Grm55

      I am just beginning the process to becoming independant and it is a lot of exciting work! Any tips from you experts?

  • Yael Duncan

    I cant access the survey. It comes up as ‘page not redirecting’ and suggestions?

    • Tea Silvestre, aka Word Chef

      Not sure what’s happening, Yael. I’m still getting plenty of successful completions. Can you send me an email with a screen shot and let me know what browser you’re using? 

  • Yael Duncan

    I cant access the survey. comes up as ‘page not redirecting’? and suggestions?

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  • Frank Daley

    Survey seems to be e on a loop. I clicks the link and it takes me back to the link!

    • Tea Silvestre, aka Word Chef

      Their site appears to be down at the moment…I wonder if we broke it? Too many respondents all at once? I’ll check and let you know as soon as it’s fixed.

    • Tea Silvestre, aka Word Chef

      Frank – it seems to be back up and working now. Try again?

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  • Colleen Conger


    Thanks for offering this survey.  You’re right, wearing ALL the hats can be tiring.  Add the fact that I’m sure all of us can do what we’re already doing a whole lot better should make for some interesting results in the survey.

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  • Jenny

    I’d fill it out but I’m kinda disappointed w/triberr lately. i never really use it anymore.

    • Tea Silvestre, aka Word Chef

      Hi Jenny – we’d still love to have your input. You don’t have to want any “bones” in order to get something for participating. You’ll be entered into a drawing for some other fabulous prizes PLUS you’ll get a report on the data sent to you via email. Very helpful info as you decide what/how to market your small biz.

  • Abel Pardo

    I liked it 😉

  • John Philpin

    said it in the survey – say it again here – because it is pertinent – the solopreneuer = think also of creative people like photographers, writers artists, musicians should focus 100% of their time on their passion and expertise and genius – there is such a learning curve in ALL aspects of business today – including technology – that they should ‘outsource’ – but the income they get in most cases barely covers their existing bills – much less to pay someone else – and anyway it is tough to outsource ‘your voice’ – so you have to be disciplined and measure impact and what you are doing all the time to be able to judge the impact.

    • Tea Silvestre, aka Word Chef

      Yes, yes, YES! Thanks John for sharing your feedback.

  • Intricate Knot

    Excellent survey! It made me realize how little I know…and that’s actually a good thing! Now I know what I need to learn and what to work on. Thanks! :)

    • Tea Silvestre, aka Word Chef

      It’s funny — your thoughts on what the survey brought to light for you have been echoed by MANY others. It was an unintended outcome, but I’m happy if it helped you think about your business a little differently. Thanks for participating!

  • MAJK

    Good questions that gave me something to think about

  • Michael

    I also had trouble getting the survey to start. It worked after I refreshed the page. It probably assumes people have a much faster connection speed than I do.

    Also, some questions were missing a “NONE” or “N/A” option. We’re not all doing webinars or newsletters. They aren’t appropriate to every business.

    • Tea Silvestre, aka Word Chef

      I agree with you, Michael. What I found out after I had started the process of developing the survey, is that popsurvey has restrictions on the number of answers you can create for a multiple-choice question. 

  • Smileee2

    Thanks! Feels like I should be doing more, socially.

  • Margaret Fieland

    Wow, are my efforts ever lame! I need to ramp things up bigtime — but I admit I find the whole thing intimidating.

  • Harleena Singh

    Wow Tea!

    Loved taking the survey – I think the questions were very well framed :) Thanks so much for this opportunity :)

    • Tea Silvestre, aka Word Chef

      You’re welcome, Harleena! And thanks for participating. :-)

  • John Rakestraw

    Thanks, Tea… It was an eye opener to see how I feel and to see the truth about my marketing, and engagement with my readership. I do need to step up the talk and post!

  • Bert Carson

    Cool survey and I’ve never said that about a single survey I’ve taken (or refused to take).  Now I’m waiting the followup that will give me all the right answers/solutions.

  • Stephanie Takes-Desbiens

    I got to question four and the survey ended. Hmmph. 

    • Tea Silvestre, aka Word Chef

      My apologies, Stephanie. Most people haven’t had an issue, but I do hear about weird bugs every once in awhile. I appreciate your attempt.

  • Rebecca Ryals Russel

    Anxious to see the results and hopefully improve sales.

  • Janna Shay

    Thanks for the survey. I’m looking forward to seeing the results. I’d love to find solutions to amp up my marketing.

  • Tracy Shaffer

    Thanks Tea. I’ve given up wearing many hats in favor of a tiara.

    • Tea Silvestre, aka Word Chef

      Tiaras are wonderful, Tracy! Good for you. 

  • Adrienne

    I love this survey setup, nice.  Got me on a few of them but hope you get some good results.

  • William Douglas

    Thank you Tea for the survey; it should prove to be quite enlightening.

  • Ciara Ballintyne

    The survey seems to be missing an area of the world, namely ‘Australia’. I had to answer ‘Asia’, as I figured this was the closest I could get. 

    • Tea Silvestre, aka Word Chef

      My apologies, Ciara! PopSurvey didn’t allow for anymore answers (a definite issue in my book!) and so I had to make a hard decision. I will definitely make a note of this when I write up the data! Thanks for participating. 

      • Ciara Ballintyne

         How rude of them! Thanks for letting me know :-)

  • Susan

    Great survey…now if I could just find more time in the day to write and to promote my work, I’d be really happy.

  • Anita


  • Debdebss

     I kept trying to take this survey, but every new question would go on top of each other until finally the words were completely unreadable.

    • Tea Silvestre, aka Word Chef

      Yikes! What browser are you using? I’m currently getting completed surveys, so I know it’s working for some folks, but since I’m paying for this service, it’s important that it works for EVERYone.

  • Loran Hills

    Apparently I am pretty much clueless on marketing!

  • Pamela C

    I can’t believe you’re offering such amazing gifts for taking the survey.  I’m glad I happened upon this site.  Taking this survey was like getting a bucket of ice water thrown in my face.  I’ve not done much.  I’ve not received much, either.  You get out of it what you put in to it became crystal clear.  Thank you for this survey, Tea

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