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What do you get when you cross a course in online marketing with the reality TV model of something like “Hell’s Kitchen” or “The Biggest Loser?” (And remove the melodrama?)

You get Prosperity’s Kitchen. And yes, it’s officially premiering this January. (Woo to the hoo!)

Kim and I had our first meeting with the focus group a few weeks ago and it was unanimous: this thing has a real chance of creating BIG changes in the way online classes work.

People are excited about the prospect of watching, competing and yes — even playing along at home.

Are you one of them?

Would you have the guts to make yourself publicly accountable to your own success? To dedicate 12 weeks to the process of learning — and implementing! — the best practices of how to market yourself online?

Could your business use a little web PR (and possibly traditional PR)? How about a prize package worth at least $10,000 in helpful tools, services — and yes even some cold hard cash?

Okay, then pay attention to this bit: You need to apply to be a contestant before September 30, 2012.

What are we looking for? (The checklist):

  • Have an existing business with a working website.
  • Have an up-to-date business/marketing plan that includes:

+ A clearly defined Ideal Customer/Target Market
+ Solid branding (including logo and other materials) that tells your story
+ Specific goals for growth over the next 12 months

Once we pass that first deadline (September 30), Kim and I will review each and every application to find the best 100. If you’re selected as a “semi-finalist” you’ll be asked to take the next step and tell your story via a 3-minute video. (See the Prosperity’s Kitchen calendar for all dates and deadlines.)

We’ll be most interested in these things:

  • Do you have an interesting back story?
  • Do you have some personality “on camera?”
  • Do you have a compelling need to learn how to market yourself online?

Keep those things in mind as you write up your responses on the application. << Hint, hint.

After all, if Prosperity’s Kitchen is going to attract (and keep) regular players/viewers, we’ll want some fascinating stories to tell along the way.

What if you’re not quite ready to play?

If you’re struggling to get your branding together, might I humbly suggest my Find Your Secret Sauce and Create an Addicting Brand class? It’s delivered to you on the ruzuku platform over the course of 5-weeks, so you’d have plenty of time to implement what you learn about yourself and your business.

If you’re floundering with regard to your website, my Prosperity’s Kitchen partner Kim (aka The WordPress Chick) is definitely someone to talk to. But I’ve also got a list of other resources here.

And of course, if you’ve never put together a business plan or a marketing plan I can help you there as well. If you’re ready to commit to the process and you’ve got the time and resources to work on your business, check out my Ideal Client info and schedule a 20 min. consult here.

If you’d prefer to work through the business planning process on your own, I highly recommend the free downloads you can get over at or your local SCORE office (see for templates and more).

Okay! Ready? Go fill out that application, now!

Got a question or a comment about how any of this works? I’d love to hear from you.

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