Today’s gift: 3 Hours of Consulting (to be used for any marketing purpose)

bulb and fruitThe Giftee: Meg of Tangerine Meg

Submitted by: Birdy Diamond of Paranormal Avians

Here’s what Birdy wants the world to know about Meg:

Where do I begin? Tangerine Meg is a lovely person & a wondrous artist.

She is kind, funny, talented, loves bold color and bold souls.

Her art is full of whimsy and wonder, color & cats.

(And even some birds! And eggs!!! It just gets better & better! :-D)

Her work TOTALLY should be out there to reach more people.

(Don’t worry – she has a lot of prints and other easily-expanded things)

I’d say more, but I just don’t have the words to convey exactly how much awesome is contained in that one website and in that one person.

Do you know Birdy or Meg? If so, send them a note of congratulations (they’re BOTH getting today’s gift) and share what you know about them in a comment below.

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