Today’s gift: 5 Hours of Consulting (to be used for any marketing purpose)

bulb and fruitThe Giftee: Della Rae of Donors Resource

Submitted by: Paula Small of Small Stepping Stones

Here’s what Paula wants the world to know about Della:

Della IS inspiration personified. She & her sister founded a non-profit that brings donors & non-profits together and keeps a LOT of items from the landfills. Truly about purposeful re-purposing.

On top that, they created two separate regular gatherings of women – one monthly & one quarterly, to accommodate our busy lives. These gatherings aren’t about networking – for business, but about connecting. There are no nametags; only smiles, stories and yummy nosh are welcome!

And, then, to add to her mix – she decided to capture the lessons she’s learned about self-care (going from crazy corporate to calm creative) in her newly-published book. She’s intent on starting another movement to inspire everyone, everywhere, every time.

She is Della & you don’t have to hear her roar, because you can feel it!

She deserves a Secret Santa gift, because she’s a gift to anyone she meets.

Do you know Della or Paula? If so, send them a note of congratulations (they’re BOTH getting today’s gift) and share what you know about them in a comment below.

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