Today’s gift: a FREE website audit

girl-with-lense-squareThe Giftee: Cheri Ruskus of Victory Circles

Submitted by: Gloria Miele of Optimal Development Coaching

Here’s what Gloria wants the world to know about Cheri:

Cheri is an amazing visionary — she saw the need for women entrepreneurs to get the business support they need, so she started the Victory Circles master mind program nearly 7 years ago. Since then, she has developed a supportive community, written two books and created new programs and a successful blog talk radio show where she interviews guests every week on topics related to being a successful entrepreneur. Although we met online and live states away, Cheri is a great friend and colleague who supports me personally and professionally. She is a gift and deserves one too!

Do you know Gloria or Cheri? If so, send them a note of congratulations (they’re BOTH getting today’s gift) and share what you know about them in a comment below.

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