This Week’s Marketing Dish: Chocolate Cake

This Week’s Marketing Dish: Chocolate Cake

Loran Hills of Loran’s Heart tweeted this week’s suggestion to me after I asked folks to share their favorite foods. Known as the Monarch of Heart, Depth and Focus, and Explorer of the Sacred Realms, Loran helps her clients find clarity and purpose. Connect with her on Twitter: @fromLoransHeart.

This week’s Marketing Dish is about Limited Editions

The rumors you’ve heard are true. I love chocolate. In fact, if I wasn’t already sort of married to Mr. Perfect, I’d marry chocolate.

Thankfully, he knows that in order for there to be peace on earth (at least in OUR house), there must also be chocolate on hand at all times.

My preference is bittersweet dark chocolate, somewhere in the range of 75%. And I try to keep my pantry stocked with at least one of the many chocolate-covered goodies available at Trader’s Joes.

But to be honest, I don’t eat a whole lot of chocolate cake.

Cake — especially chocolate cake — is for me, strictly a special occasion kind of thing.

For one thing, it’s WAY too rich to indulge in on a daily basis.

Also — I’d rather not eat (or make) cake out of a box. And don’t get me started on the sub-par grocery store cakes, either.

But show me a slice of real, home-made, double chocolate cake, and you couldn’t beat me away with a stick.

Funny thing is, most people don’t go around giving out slivers of the high quality stuff, do they?

And that’s how it should be.

Because if we could have chocolate cake all day every day (the kind worth eating), we’d get sick of it pretty darn quick.

What’s Your Special Occasion Product or Service?

Every business should have something they don’t do all the time or have on hand year-round.

Think “special-edition.” Think “limited edition.” Think, “just available at the holidays” and you’re on to something.

Every small biz needs an offering that’s rich, creamy and delectable — but only available on special occasions. (Like Loran’s Grandma Turney’s Chocolate Cake.)

And only available from YOU.

You want each “sliver of chocolate cake” to make your customers swoon with ecstasy. Not shrug their shoulders and say, “Meh.”

You want them to understand how rare the chance is to get some of that particular flavor of awesome. So they’ll appreciate it (and you) so much more.

Now — What offering could you put together that would be so freakin’ out-of-this-world your customers would line-up to buy?

If you’re stumped for ideas and you’d like some help brainstorming, leave us a comment below and let’s see what we can do — together.

Each week, I write a post that connects your favorite foods with marketing…no matter how bizarre or outlandish. The dishes are all submitted by Word Chef fans from around the world. The next time you eat something you love, snap a photo of it and send it to me. I’ll dedicate that post to you!

Every month, we’ll recap the Marketing Dishes and ask you to vote for your favorite. Whoever submits the winning dish that month will receive an Amazon gift card, compliments of The Chef.

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  • Tammy Vitale

    retreats – small and community building – not lonesome in a crowd. Twice a year (endish to reveiw and earlieish to solidify intentions)

    • Tea Silvestre, aka Word Chef

      I’m intrigued, Tammy! Yes, I think this could be your chocolate cake.

  • Loran Hills

    What a delicious marketing idea, Tea!

    • Tea Silvestre, aka Word Chef

      Why thank you, Ms. Loran. So happy you suggested cake. 😉

  • Gina Rafkind

    ha, this is great…….love it!

    • Tea Silvestre, aka Word Chef

      Thanks Gina!

  • Annie Sisk

    Love this concept! Hrm … I think PJP’s chocolate cake would be the intensive 3-month long one-on-one coaching package. But maybe that’s not right, either … I dunno – what do you think, Tea?

    • Tea Silvestre, aka Word Chef

      Is it always available?

      • Annie Sisk

        Theoretically, yeah – it’s always up on my site. So – not that, then, LOL. Ideas or suggestions? Or we can chat about it whenever I come back up on the hot seat in the BP.

        • Tea Silvestre, aka Word Chef

          Events are always an obvious choice…but we can brainstorm offline, of course!

  • BirdyD – Roving Robin Reporter

    Good point. :>

    Like so much else, there isn’t an answer yet.

    After this weekend tho’, at least for the jewelry part, it may be something about sales, particularly of the One of a Kind pieces, which I’m allowing myself to get pickier & pickier about who has the right to buy. :>0

    So would that work? Or does that come under false scarcity? :>

    *meh* It gets harder & harder to figure out which way to fly these days. :>

    • Tea Silvestre, aka Word Chef

      Yes, Birdy – one of a kind items are part of this process. But there might be a sub-category of items that’s even more special. You’ll want to see what your audience responds to most.
      False scarcity really only applies to digital items where we know that there is an unlimited supply.

  • MamaRed

    Fabulous post, as always, Tea. Ya’ve got me thinking, although I don’t have any answers, yet. I’ll add this idea to my “plan for 2013 instead of flying by the seat of your pants” plan.

    • Tea Silvestre, aka Word Chef

      Glad to get you thinking!

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