Call me sentimental, but the one thing I miss about having a J-O-B (besides the regular paycheck) is the annually weird holiday office party.

You know…when company politics meet the holiday spirit, it usually plays out a little like a “Fringe” episode (season 3, of course).

Especially if you draw the ONE person in the office you really despise for the Secret Santa exchange. Amiright?

Thankfully, that kind of ew usually didn’t happen to me. Most of my memories revolve around perfectly joyous Christmas brunches, cocktail parties or potlucks. And even if we were doing the white elephant thing, it was loads of fun.

What about you? Do you miss the office holiday parties now that you’re a solopreneur?

It’s Time for a Virtual Holiday Party

This year, instead of just waxing nostalgic, I thought I’d do something about it and gather all the other indie biz folks who feel the same.

The Word Chef’s 12 Days of Secret Santa

You’d like to give someone a gift anonymously, don’t deny it.

That blogger with a big heart. The colleague who always shares your stuff. An online friend who’s going through a difficult time.

If you thought about it, you could come up with at least one person who deserved a little magic hello from a Secret Santa. Yes?

I can help you with that!

Here’s what we’ll do…

You submit that person’s name to the Word Chef’s Secret Santa List

You just need to tell me how to find them online and why they deserve a little holiday love. I’ll do the rest.

Each person will get an email from the Secret Santa Chef letting them know that someone thinks they’re the bomb and why. (Don’t worry, I won’t tell them it was you…at least not until if and when they win one of the Secret Santa gifts!)

And if you’ve got their mailing address, I’ll even send them a hand-written card and include a BHAG magnet (thanks Colleen for making those!).

Then, beginning on Friday, December 7th (and each of the 12 Days business days leading up to December 25) I’ll choose one of those nominees to receive one of these 12 Word Chef gifts:

1. A Kindle version of “Attract and Feed a Hungry Crowd: How Thinking Like a Chef Can Help You Build a Solid Business

2. A high quality color print of the Word Chef Manifesto

3. An autographed (paperback version) copy of “Attract and Feed a Hungry Crowd: How Thinking Like a Chef Can Help You Build a Solid Business

4. A BHAG plushie

5. An Entrepreneur’s Care Package

6. A seat in my Find Your Secret Sauce and Create an Addicting Brand e-course

7. A website/branding audit

8. A seat in the upcoming Prosperity’s Kitchen Play-at-Home Game

9. A Social Media Kickstart

10. A Web Copy Coaching Package

11. A 3-hour Mentoring Package

12. A 5-hour Mentoring Package

(Which they can either keep or pass along to someone they feel could use it more than them.)

Each day, when I announce the winner, I’ll showcase them in a blog post and tell the story of why they were nominated (that’s the part YOU provide).

If I pick the person that you nominated, you will also win that day’s prize. Pretty sweet, right?

You have until Friday, December 14th (midnight, pacific time) to submit names for this giveaway.

Ready to play Secret Santa?

Okay! Click here and tell me who you’d like to acknowledge.


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