Prosperity’s Kitchen worked! After 13 weeks of marketing missions, guest mentors and collaborations, we (participants and producers) witnessed the power of accountability and applying new learnings in a group setting.

In other words, sh*t got done.

In fact, the amount of progress made by the participants was so substantial that it almost had me start working on Season Two.


Let’s be honest. It wasn’t all a bed of roses.

There wasn’t enough time to dive deep on any topic (and they were all topics that deserved a closer look).

There was too much desire to please the judges (even though I did everything I could to combat that tendency in our participants).

And there was simply not enough space to help out the technologically challenged.

So how could I take all that goodness and not do something with it?

Could there be a way to grow and evolve that program into something that worked even better?

Something that expanded on the best of PK (and left off the rest)?

Obviously, I think there is.

Which brings to me to my announcement:

I’m refocusing and revamping The Digital Dining Room.

Here’s what I’ve mapped out:
Digital Dining Room Diagram


If that graphic leaves you saying, “Huh?” You might want to pop over to the page with all the details.

But hurry. There’s a huge discount that goes away at midnight PST on May 1, 2013.

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