About the Word Chef Company

Be a Chef (the Entrepreneur’s Manifesto) is a great introduction into what makes this business tick.

tea-caricature[Cue the funny infomercial voice] But wait! There’s more!

My Business Values:

  • Deliciously Clear Communication
  • Passionate Pursuit of Learning and Growth
  • Joyful Creativity (Fun!)
  • Sincere and Genuine Generosity
  • Transparency
  • Relationships
  • Sustainability
  • Profitability

My Vision: A world where entrepreneurs everywhere have the tools, skills and resources to express who they are, so they attract their perfect customers and live happily ever after together.

My Mission: To empower solopreneurs and start-ups to create successful businesses by teaching them how to find and share their Secret Sauce online.

Find out how to work with me and what you can expect to gain from our relationship.

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