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Hello and welcome! I’m Tea (pronounced Tay’ah)   

Tea Silvestre, aka The Word ChefI’m not really a chef. (At least, I don’t cook food for a living.) I’m a storyteller and storylistener. (And yes, I love food.)

I’ve always known that my perfect job would be one that involved words, pictures (preferably of food) and passionate, world-changing conversations. And when I turned 40 (almost 7 years ago), I finally went for it.

If you’re like me, you’ve found your true calling as an entrepreneur, too

And you’re ready to get this party started. (Note: when I say party, I mean your business.)

You’re looking for someone who knows the technical terrain of the online world; someone who totally gets your desire to share your gifts with those who need them; and someone who can coach you on how to make it happen in the quickest, most cost-effective way possible.

I help new biz owners connect the dots between themselves (and their Big Why) and their customers so they can create a bigger impact and love the heck out of being an entrepreneur

I’ve spent the last 20+ years of my career up to my eyebrows in getting the various pieces of marketing done. Getting things shipped. Figuring out not just the big picture WHY but the little picture HOW.

I started as a graphic designer, taught myself how to use the software (yes, I’m a little geeky that way) and then over two decades worked my way into the upper management levels of several organizations.

I accomplished some great things in that time, but it wasn’t enough. There was so much more that I knew I could contribute.

And that’s when the Universe stepped in to help me.

In late 2005, a family issue came up that I needed to deal with. I had to move. And I had to figure out how to make a living in a way that would allow me some flexibility with my time and energy.

I looked at my options. And I was underwhelmed.

I was at the pinnacle of my so-called career. The only places that might offer me a way forward were outside my comfort zone for commuting time.

It was time to step out and do my own thing.

The first iteration of my business was called Social Good Marketing. I envisioned building an agency that would serve the local nonprofit and mission-driven business community.

Things went really well for the first couple of years. And then they didn’t.

When I emerged on the other side, a year and a half later, my original biz goals had changed. I had changed.

Not only was I was in a new place, with a new man — I also had the gift of space and time to figure out what it all meant.

So I went back to my first loves: writing and cooking.

I reveled in the pleasures of exploring an idea or a new ingredient. I poured my heart and soul into it with full abandon.

And that’s when it hit me: there was a new path — a new brand and purpose — that I could walk.

I’m sure it comes as no surprise that what emerged for me was The Word Chef. (After all, you are reading this on my website.)

Clarity came quickly: I could help my clients find the ingredients to their unique story, teach them how to tell that story and coach them in the processes of sharing them with the world 

The thing that’s great about that for you is that you don’t just get to work with a solid writer — you get someone who’s got a deep knowledge of strategy and psychology, as well as story structure, character analysis and poetry.  And you get to work with someone who loves to teach and mentor

In other words, I teach you how to understand and tell your most fascinating and authentic stories, and how to put all of them together in a way that brings you more clients, more prosperity and more joy.

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Oh, and I wrote this Entrepreneur’s Manifesto. Would love to know if it resonates with you. 

There’s more about the Word Chef company here.

Need more traditional stuff? Alrighty, then…here’s the fancy pants version of who I am:

Tea Silvestre is the author of “Attract and Feed a Hungry Crowd: How Thinking Like a Chef Can Help You Build a Solid Business,” as well as the founder and proprietress of Story Bistro.

Her marketing career began 20+ years ago when she took a job as a copy editor/administrative assistant/graphic designer/coffee-getter for a national bank that no longer exists. Over the last two decades, she’s honed her skills and served in high level positions, directing the marketing efforts of city governments and national organizations.

In 2005, she launched her first company, Social Good Marketing, and has been walking the entrepreneurial path — helping mission-driven business owners reach their goals — ever since.

Tea’s writing is often seen on some of the biggest blogs on the Internet, including Copyblogger, Problogger and MarketingProfs. She’s also a frequent speaker at entrepreneurial events across the globe.

Tea currently lives in Portland where she spends much of her free time tasting beer, seeing the latest movies and enjoying meals with friends and family.

If that wasn’t enough, here’s my linkedin profile.


But Let’s talk about YOU  

If you own a small business and you’re still trying to figure out your branding, your message or how to get it out there to the world, I may be the right person to help you rock your online marketing strategies. But we won’t know until we sit down and chat. I offer a free 20 minute consultation just for that purpose. Here’s where you get started.

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