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Solopreneurs Marketing Survey 2012

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The Summary Report is here and ready for you download. Just right click the button below to save the PDF to your hard drive.

Summary Report Download

But don’t stop there! We’ve got a full-length report on the survey coming* and lots of great resources to help you tackle your biggest marketing challenges.

To stay in the loop, just drop your email in the box to the right and check off the resources you’d like us to send you. It’s that simple!

*Here’s Why You Should Ask for the Full-Length Report

In addition to seeing many of the detailed responses to the 2nd question on the survey (What have you tried? What’s worked and what’s keeping you from attaining your goals?), you’ll get the 411 on how we put the survey together, how we built the team of partners, how we marketed the survey and what lessons we learned from the entire experience.

You’ll also get more details on the rest of the responses — especially where “Other” was selected and much more.