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Just because you’re a small business owner (without the budget for a full-fledged marketing department), doesn’t mean you have to look like one.

If you’re not comfortable with the written word; or the idea of writing (and re-writing) your website copy gives you a headache, it’s perfectly acceptable to hire a professional.

But if you really want to get past all that, you might want to consider hiring a writing coach. (Me.)

Wouldn’t you love to be able to tell your stories and share your message in ways that you felt proud of? Even better, wouldn’t it be fabulous if that copy did some heavy lifting and actually sold your products or services?

Well, it can! When you work with me, you get a finished product that is authentically you and speaks to the heart of your target audience. The best part is: you learn what to do so that the next time you need some fabulous marketing copy, you’re not stumped by a blank page.

Here’s how we’ll work together:

  1. You get homework right off the bat. You’ll answer 5 questions that become YOUR Starter Recipe (the pieces you’ll need for ALL your storytelling adventures).
  2. You and I have a 20-30 min phone call about the homework and your business goals. This clarity helps you with Step 3…
  3. You write a letter to your ideal client using your starter recipe. When we have that nailed down, we’ll move on to actual copy and content for your website.
  4. You choose five pages that you want to work on with me. These could be your About page, product and service pages, blog posts and/or sales pages.
  5. You write the first draft of each of those and send them to me via email (we’ll tackle one at a time).
  6. I’ll make line-by-line suggested edits and comments directly on your copy (using the Microsoft Word Tracking Changes tool). We will do this back and forth until we both feel like it’s “done.”
  7. You put that copy ON your website and I take one last look. I’ll give you feedback on layout and formatting so that it looks as beautiful as it sounds.

We can do this as quickly or as slowly as you like. You pay in full upfront ($500) which keeps you motivated and accountable to finishing.

Click here to see some of the clients I’ve helped with their copy.

This is just one happy customer:

Thanks so much, Tea. You have really helped me to see some of my not so good writing habits (that are easily changed). I met my goal for enrollment in my summer classes and, I think, that is in large part due to the changes on my sales pages. I hope we will work together again sometime. — Kim Manley Ort

It’s easy to get started. Just click to purchase below and you’ll be sent the homework (Step 1):

What’s the difference between copy and content? Good question! Copy is marketing/sales oriented. This page, for instance, would be considered marketing copy. Content, on the other hand, is more educational/editorial. Things like articles and blog posts fall into that category.

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